Sigulda Private Vehicle Tour in Liga


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The number of people
Departure time
9:30:00 AM
Departure location
8 hours
– Arrival times may vary depending on the traffic conditions on the road on that day, so if you plan to do so on the day of the tour, we encourage you to request a tour on a different date. (Tour operators can not be responsible for any failure to meet performance, train, or flight times due to arriving time delays.)
* Dedicated vehicles (9 seat vehicles / 9 people or more)
* Professional Guide
Personal costs of meals, beverages, admission fees, etc.
We travel to the major tourist attractions of Latvia, Lee and Siruda. Take a look around Latvia’s medieval castle.
* Shigalda Castle
Sigulda Castle, which was built in the form of a fortress in 1207, was later rebuilt as a convent. Built eight centuries ago, it reopened for tourists in 2012.
You can find many historical events around here.
* Turada Castle
It is the most popular museum in Latvia. Visit Turada Castle to explain the history of the past 1000 years.
At the center tower, you can see Gauya River’s narrow range.
Gauya National Park
* Meeting Guide
– Due to the nature of the group tour, we can not wait until late for the meeting, nor do we contact you otherwise.
– We don’t call you before the tour, so be sure to be on time for the meeting.
– When you arrive at the meeting place, just check your name first and then receive guidance from the guide.
– Please purchase water and use toilet before the meeting time.
– No refunds are given to those who are absent from the tour due to latermiterial circumstances.
– Food intake is restricted inside the bus (water only / no soft drinks)

* Adult / student (child) same rate

* Unable to record during the tour.
– The Guide’s description during the tour is a guide’s intellectual property. Please forgive me for not being able to record during the tour.

* If you are traveling with children under the age of 14 (including elementary school children), only children without parents can participate in the tour. In particular, parents should accompany their children on group tours as they are concerned about their children’s defection and disappearance.

* It is recommended that you take out the travel insurance and proceed with the tour.

* Personal earphones (3.5mm) / when using a receiver
* Winter climate is very cold (October – March). Please prepare warm clothes.
Please prepare comfortable walking shoes.

Cancellation and Returns
If a separate cancellation refund agreement is provided for each product, the contents of a separate item will be applied as a rule.

If the traveler releases the travel contract prior to the start of the tour after the payment is made, the travel fee will be refunded according to the following criteria for the release notice date :

– If the person informs the customer 30 days before the start of the travel : Full refund of travel expenses
– At least 7 days before the start of the journey : 50 % refund of travel expenses
– On notification after 7 days as of the start of travel : Full refund of travel charges not allowed.


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