Two days tour of Norway, departing from Olso to Bergen and Hardangerfjord


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The number of people
Departure time
9:00:00 AM
Departure location
In front of Oslo City Hall
2 days
* Dedicated vehicles
* Professional Guide
* Personal meals (£ 10-15 per person) and personal expenses
* Various admission fees
Norway reminds me of several words such as Viking, fjord, Munch, or 2017’s No.1 country on the happiness index.
We meet in front of Oslo City Hall at 9 a.m. and head to Bergen. On the way to Hardangerfjord, look out the window for the lakes and mountains.
We stop for a moment Brate and Starine Falls to take pictures.

When you arrive at Hardangerfjord, travel along the coast to see the beautiful views around you. After you cross one of the Hardangerfjord bridge, the longest suspension bridges in the world,
there is small villages, the Aubre Eidfjord and the Eidfjord, are appearing one after another. The Hardangerbida Natural Center in the village of Adipfjord has a wide range of animals, plants, and animals.
There is an exhibition about wildlife.(not included cost)

We’ll be enjoying local Norwaian at our local cafe (not included cost) and taking a look at the Boring Falls.

It’s a round trip from Oslo to Bergen. It takes about 7 hours to move.
* Meeting Information
– Due to the nature of the group tour, we can not wait if you are late and will not contact you separately.
– We don’t call you before the tour, so be sure to be on time for the meeting.
– When you arrive at the meeting place, please check your name first and get guidance from the guide.
– Please purchase water and use toilet before the meeting time.
– Refund is not possible if you miss the tour due to lateness or personal circumstances.
-Food is not allowed inside the bus (water only/ no drinks)

* Adult / student (child) same rate

* Can not record during tour
– The Guide’s description during the tour is a guide’s intellectual property. Please note that we can not record on tour.

* If you are traveling with children under the age of 14 (including elementary school children), you can not participate in the tour without parents. Particularly in the case of group tours, parents are required to accompany their children because of the loss of their children and the concearn of disappearing.

* It is recommended that take the tour after you take out your travel insurance.

* Personal earphones (3.5mm) / when using a receiver
* Winter (October – March) is very cold. Please prepare warm clothes.
* Please prepare comfortable walking shoes.

Cancellation and Returns
If the cancellation refund conditions for each product are separately listed, the separate items will be applied as the applicable regulations.

If you randomly cancel a tour after paying your travel costs, the travel fee will be refunded according to the following criteria

– 30 days before the start of the trip (~ 30): Full refund of the travel fee
– 7 days prior to travel start time: 50% travel fee refund
– 7 days based on travel start time: No refund of travel charge.


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